About Us

The young generation, today, faces tremendous amount of competition. You will get a feel of it everywhere, be it in a school exam or a job interview after your Masters. You name it, there will be competition there!

As we understand that living without competition may not be possible in the present day, it’s in our best interest to keep ourselves ready to face it when it comes our way. To do this a clear understanding of what kinds of competition you may have to face is an absolute must. Once you have an idea of this, you can start preparing yourself for facing it.

In prehistoric times, humans had to compete physically to get food and shelter. But today, much of these competitions are not physical. People are assessed for talent with a help of an aptitude test or a technical one. Many companies throughout the world are switching to tests like these to recruit talented young minds. It’s easy to eliminate a large number of people in this manner.

It’s important to practice to be in the league. TestBay serve as a platform for you to practice and keep yourself ready to face the competition.

We have designed several online testes with the help of some of the leading industry veterans to help you get a clear picture of the kind of competition you are going to face and how well you score at it. We have discussion groups from where you get mentored when you are stuck.

As our tag line say, we are your way to success. Are you ready for it?

We will be launching shortly… stay tuned!

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